Abbeyfeale College


The mission of the College is the education of the individual as a whole person.


In the pursuit of this ideal, the college will provide a broadly based curriculum for all pupils of the Community, allowing each pupil to attain the highest level of academic and skill based attainment consonant with their interests, abilities and talents.


This ideal can only be realised by the College by building on foundations which have already been laid in the home and being assisted at all times by the parents/guardians of the pupil.


Our vision is that education is a Partnership between school, home and community.


The aim of the College is:


  1. to be a centre of academic and educational excellence.

  2. to provide a broadly based education for pupils of the community.

  3. to provide conditions which will foster in a holistic way the fullest development of each pupil as an individual and as a member of society.

  4. to teach moral values, attitudes and behaviour patterns and thus engender an attitude of respect towards oneself, others, the common good and the environment.

  5. to enable pupils to learn, preserve and respect their own religious beliefs and worship within their faith tradition.

  6. to engender a spirit of ecumenism and dialogue, encouraging pupils to grow in their understanding of religious traditions other than their own.

  7. to help pupils to embrace change, search for truth and develop a critical faculty.

  8. to engender in each pupil a sense of self esteem and an appreciation of their own dignity.

  9. to encourage in pupils a respect for the rights and opinions of others, irrespective of their race, sex, social background or religious beliefs.

  10. to facilitate pupils to have an understanding of Irish heritage and culture and Ireland's role within the European and world community.

  11. to impress upon pupils the need to respect personal, school and community property.

  12. to promote a spirit of self-discipline and integrity.

  13. to encourage an awareness of equality and a spirit of care and toleration.

  14. to encourage pupils, parents and staff to make a positive contribution to the shaping of the College, its image and its role in the community.

  15. to encourage engagement with process of Restorative practice where appropriate.


In order that the College may fulfill its mission and attain its aims, it is essential that all involved with the College community adhere to the code of behaviour as drawn up and regularly reviewed by the Board of Management.